Search Engine Optimization is a key part of getting your website traffic. Search Engine Optimization has changed over the years and will continue to change for the years to come.

What’s Important:

  • Social Media - Today, Social Media plays a big part with how your website ranks in the Search Engines. Activity on your social media, that links back to your website correctly is very important.
  • Local Search - If you are a local business, it is very important to make sure people find you when searching.
  • Content - Content is one of the most important parts. Content gives your visitors something to read, adding new content helps keep your website fresh, and the search engines want to see activity.
  • Link Building - Link Building is where it all started, and it is still vital to Search Engine placement, but has taken a back seat to social media and content. Link building done correctly can definitely have an affect on where your website ranks.

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